Marjorie Bingham

Marjorie stands next to a pillar at the Taj Mahal This is my wonderful wife, Marge Bingham. She hails from Cape Town, South Africa, where we met in 1997. She holds a BA in Psychology and an LLB (equivalent to JD) in Law from the University of the Western Cape. She currently runs her own legal practice, Marjorie Bingham Attorneys, specializing in property law. We were recently married on June 4, 2005 in Cape Town. I am a very lucky man!

We have known each other since 1997, dating for most of that time until 2005. We have also lived on different continents for most of that time. Very difficult! But the years that we spent together in Africa, Asia, and America, provided the experiences and memories to sustain us during the times apart.

Margie comes from a large family of fun brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles. We spend so much time with them, as there's always bound to be someone having a backyard birthday party or BBQ.