Henry Trotter in front of Yale stained glass windows

Yale Diversions

Music at Yale

On almost any given day or evening during the academic-year, students can attend a concert or recital at one of Yale´s many venues. Yale boasts one of the finest schools of Music in the world with outstanding students and faculty who regularly offer performances free to the community. Whether you prefer the organ, piano, harpsichord, violin, viola, trumpet, trombone, or classical guitar, there are consistent opportunities for aural happiness. And if you want to see fine examples of historical musical instruments, check out the Yale Collection of Musical Instruments, where harpsichord performances are often staged.

Augmenting the School of Music are the Yale Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Precision Marching Band, Camerata, Pro Musica, Collegium Musicum, Brass, Russian Chorus, Glee Club, University Choir, Chamber Music Society, and Philharmonia Orchestra. There is even the Guild of Carilloneurs which plays the Harkness Memorial Tower bells during the day as students mosey through the campus.

And for students who crave something outside of the Euro-American musical tradition, there are plenty of opportunities to listen to or participate in other styles of music, such as African drumming at the Afro-American Cultural Center, including the Yale Gospel Choir. Considering the concentration of such amazing musical talent at one university, students in every discipline are encouraged to take advantage of it while here.

Masters' Teas

There are 12 undergraduate colleges at Yale, each presided over by a Master who lives in residence at the college. Each week, the Masters (who are also professors) of the colleges recruit guest speakers from around the world, most of them important figures in politics, journalism, literature, finance, environmental policy, medicine, the arts, and other fields. These teas, which take place in the Masters' homes, are free and open to the public. They are catered affairs, offering comfortable and intimate contact with the guest speakers. All students are encouraged to attend and participate in this unique form of interaction and learning. In the picture here, Tim Russert, host of the popular and prestigious Meet The Press, chats with students.

Payne Whitney Gym

Athletics and exercise facilities at Yale are world-class. Besides boasting the usual array of sporting venues, like the Yale Bowl, Yale Field, Coxe Cage Indoor Track, Ingalls Hockey Rink, the Tompkin´s Golf Course, Cullman Tennis Courts, Yale Armory Equestrian Center, Gale´s Ferry Boat House, and the Gilder Boat House, the Payne Whitney Gymnasium is the largest athletic facility in the world (in terms of square footage of recreational space). In this imposing cathedral-like edifice are located a variety of resources for students interested in fitness, sports, or recreation. There are numerous basketball, volleyball, badminton, and squash courts, two swimming pools, a jogging track, multiple aerobic exercise rooms, and a massive fitness center. For Yale students (Bulldogs to the core!), the PWG is an important pigrimmage site.

Yale and New Haven

Yale sits at the heart of New Haven, making for a beautiful downtown area full of Neo-Gothic, Georgian, and Modernist buildings. The campus and the city center is easily traversed by foot, with many pleasant diversions throughout, like restaurants, clubs, cafes, bookstores, and shops. No matter where a student lives in New Haven, whether in the Hall of Graduate Studies Tower, in the Science Hill area, or the Theater & Museum District, there are plenty of places nearby to accomodate a rich and rewarding student life.

And if students hope to plant roots in the community, town-gown relations are currently in a renaissance, with increased participation between Yale and the New Haven citizenry. Students are encouraged to get involved with extra-curricular activities in the community, spreading the intellectual wealth of Yale beyond its campus.

Pictures by Michael Marsland
Courtesy of the Yale Office of Public Affairs